Simple Steps

Enter your recipes

What, you haven't signed up yet? You can do that right here. But that's of course, the first thing. You will have a username and password and any number of people can enter recipes at the same time. You don't have to do it all yourself. And remember this is absolutely free.

Decide on your cover

Most people submit a picture to us that we put on the front cover. We also have stock covers you can pick from if you would rather do that. There is no additional cost to use your own photo for the front cover however. Then select a title that would go at the top and a subtitle if you like that will go at the bottom. You can see our custom covers here for your own photo and our stock covers here. There will be a code by each cover that you will enter when you submit your order.

Choose a divider style

You can select any of our styles at no additional charge up to 6 divider sheets. We will print the correct category on each sheet. This will be printed on the same white paper as the rest of the book. See our divider styles here. There will be a code by each divider that you will enter when you submit your order.

Get any personalized text pages together

This could be anything you want as long as it's just text. If you want you can use Microsoft Word and set the size of the paper to 5.5 x 8.5 inches. This is usually called "statement" size in Microsoft Word. This is the size of our cookbook. We also like to have a half inch margin all around. But you don't have to get that fancy. You can just send us the text any old way like in an email to when you place your order and we'll set it up for you. If you did set up your pages in Microsoft Word you can email those to us as well.

Get any pictures together

We prefer this in a jpeg format. This can be from a digital camera or a scanned picture. Make sure that the picture is of high resolution. You can test this out by printing on your own printer if the quality seems okay. You don't want to use a picture that was designed to be shown on a web site, because those are usually not good enough quality for printing. A sign that a picture may be low quality is if the file size is small like less than 100kb. These can just be emailed to us at after you place your order. Pictures and text pages are normally placed in the front of the book between the title page and table of contents, but when placing your order please mention if you have any special spot you would like these items.

Place your order

Login to your account and then click "Admin" at the top. Then click on "Place Order" on the left. The orderform will pretty much do all your calculations for you. You will need to make a downpayment of 50% per cent at that time. You can pay by credit card or send a check. You will then get an online proof in PDF format in about 2 weeks. After your approval it usually takes another 3 weeks including shipping time. You would pay the balance due before we print your cookbook after your approval and before printing.

And that's it

However, if you have any questions at all please contact us at . We look forward to working with you to create your cookbook.