Submitting Your Own Cover

You can design and submit your own cover to us instead of using one of our templates.

We require PDF files to make your cover. If you don't have a program that can convert your files to PDFs an excellent free program is PrimoPDF and can be found here: Your PDF can be sent to us by email when you submit your order to

No Bleeds on Cover

cover with no bleeds

Bleeds are where color goes to the very edges of your cover. If you have a white border, there are no bleeds. Simply provide us a 5.5 x 8.5 inch PDF (the size of our cookbooks) of your cover.

Bleeds on Cover

This means that you do have some color going to the edge of your cover. In this case we need a 5.75 x 8.75 inch PDF with the color going to the edges of this. When we make your cover we will then trim the edges so that no white is showing on edges and the final size will be 5.5 x 8.5 inches (the size of our cookbooks).

Here is a sample of what you would be providing us. The lines show where we would trim your cover. Your final cover would only have the area within the lines. Do not put lines on the PDF provided to us.

cover with bleeds

Note how the color extends beyond the actual print area.

Click here here to see an actual PDF sample of what should be provided us. Note that the actual size of the PDF provided to us is 5.75 x 8.75 inches.

If any questions please contact us at