Submitting Your Own Cover

You can design and submit your own cover to us instead of using one of our templates.

We require PDF files to make your cover. If you don't have a program that can convert your files to PDFs an excellent free program is PrimoPDF and can be found here: Your PDF can be sent to us by email when you submit your order to

No Bleeds on Cover

cover with no bleeds

Bleeds are where color goes to the very edges of your cover. If you have a white border, there are no bleeds. Simply provide us a 5.5 x 8.5 inch PDF (the size of our cookbooks) of your cover.

Bleeds on Cover

This means that you do have some color going to the edge of your cover. In this case we need a 5.75 x 8.75 inch PDF with the color going to the edges of this. When we make your cover we will then trim the edges so that no white is showing on edges and the final size will be 5.5 x 8.5 inches (the size of our cookbooks).

Here is a sample of what you would be providing us. The lines show where we would trim your cover. Your final cover would only have the area within the lines. Do not put lines on the PDF provided to us.

cover with bleeds

Note how the color extends beyond the actual print area.

Click here here to see an actual PDF sample of what should be provided us. Note that the actual size of the PDF provided to us is 5.75 x 8.75 inches.

If any questions please contact us at

Adding Color Pages

color cookbook page

Add some color to your cookbook!

We believe our service is unique for allowing you to easily add BW pictures to any recipe at very minimal cost.

This is great for pictures of people for example, but what if you want pictures of food? Food obviously would look better in color right?

Well you can do that as well. We put color pictures on their own pages. You can do up to 2 on a page. We can put these pages anywhere you like. A popular usage of color pages is to put one color page say in the beginning of each category. We can put whatever caption you would like for those pages.

The way we charge for this is 30 cents extra per page per book. When you submit your order you can just email those pictures with any caption information.

Inviting People for your Cookbook

inviting members screen

Getting others to help on your cookbook.

You don't have to create your cookbook yourself. Invite others to help you such as other family or group members.

After you log in click on "Admin" at the top and you should right away be at the members screen.

You will notice there are 2 special links just for your cookbook. One is for other people to view and add recipes to your cookbook and the other is for people only to be able to view your cookbook.

You can email these to anyone you like. Or if you prefer there is an "Invite Member" button at the bottom and we will email the link for you.

They will be able to register with their own email address and password. You will also see who is entering which recipe. Once they have signed up they will show up on in a list on this same Members page.

Changing and Adding Categories

changing categories screen

You can change, add or delete categories

You don't have to stick with the default categories. You can change the names, add new ones or delete them.

After you log in click on "Admin" at the top and then "Categories" on the left side.

You will see next to the category where you can edit it (change its name) or delete it. You will also see on that same line arrows that you can click on to change the order of your categories in your book.

At the bottom you will see a button "Add new Category" where you can add a new category if you like.

Note: There is small additional charge if you have more than 6 categories. See Pricing under "Additional Items".

Viewing a Cookbook Proof Online

sample of printed recipe

View a proof of what your printed cookbook will look like at any time

After you enter at least one recipe you can at any time see a proof right away online on what your cookbook will look like.

After you log in just click on "Admin" at the top and then "View Cookbook Proof" on the left side.

Note that this is only a rough proof. After you submit your order we clean things up a bit to make your cookbook look even nicer. You will get a proof sent from us for you to approve before we do any actual printing.